Or, "Again with the Google Machine." So I don't speak Spanish. I took French in middle school, high school, and college. I took a year of Spanish in eighth grade, and literally the only thing I remember how to say from the class is "Elena es muy alta y muy bonita." (Why Elena? Who knows? Why is she very tall and pretty? Again, who knows?) That might sound bad, but consider this: from my five combined years of French in grades 7-12, I remember how to say "I go to the swimming pool when it is hot" and "pineapple."

All this is to say that I speak Spanish with slightly less than native fluency. Today's Google Doodle, dedicated to the Day of the Dead, inspired me to give it another shot using Okay Google. I got the name wrong (I said something along the lines of "dio de las muertes" instead of, as I know now, "dia de muertos"), but apparently something went incredibly wrong with my pronunciation, as evidenced by what Google thought I was saying: