If it were a short poem, I would just lay it on you without any fanfare. But it's long. Crazy Long. Over 4500 words long. And I had wanted to publish it, but I know nothing about the process and it's likely crap anyway. I'm a complete amateur β€” no degrees, no prior publishing record. I'm mostly self-taught and while I like what I write, I don't really expect anyone else to feel the same.

I posted a little bit of this poem on Clashtalk more than a year ago. People were kind (or indulgent) but I suspect I made a fool of myself. I also posted a rough draft to a members only writing site over a year ago. It got plenty of hits and a handful of comments β€” most of them positive.

Is this the place? Or maybe one of those sub-blogs? How do I even post anything to Write Stuff?