There has been discussion around these parts in the past about men who sire children in their autumn/winter years. Me, I'm mostly okay with it to an extent—people are living longer, healthier lives, so the odds of being around for the kid you pumped into your much younger wife (assuming my understanding of how reproduction works is accurate) at age 60 is better than it would have been in the past. Still, there are concerns, and I get that as well.

Here's another reason—albeit an anecdotal one—to say, "Okay, at least in some cases, I can get behind it": John Tyler's grandson, who is still very much alive.

"Wait," you're saying. "Tenth President of the US John Tyler?"


"Born in 1790 John Tyler?"


"Vice President to famously short-termed (and very old, by newly-inaugurated President standards) William Henry Harrison John Tyler?"


"Only former President to later be elected to office in the Confederacy John—"

YES! Stop asking so many questions. Besides, the first one told you all you need to know—how many other tenth US President John Tylers are there?