I got some really nice messages from a few girls tonight, including one cutie with blue hair who sounds pretty rad and has great taste in music, but MAN OH MAN there is some shit on OKC I am so bored of reading.

  • "I love yoga..." - bonus points if there is a photo of them in tree pose...sidebar, I met a yoga instructor the other day and holy fucking shit, she was so dull that I ended up talking to her pregnant friend instead...but yeah. Everyone does fucking yoga these days. Except me, apparently.
  • "I love traveling..." - no fucking shit, who doesn't? I had this discussion with a friend the other day and she is of the opinion that people who bang on and on about how much they've traveled are over-privileged jackwads, and I may be inclined to agree. I think some people think this makes them look cultured or worldly, though I saw one girl's photos from Antarctica - a $7,000 trip from Argentina - and immediately thought to myself, oh she has rich parents how nice for her. Primarily, I just don't believe these people travel as much as they claim. If they do they are either trust fund kids or they are nomadic. Either way, no thanks.
  • "I attended so-and-so school..." - you know, when the first thing someone says is "I went to UT/MIT/Harvard" I immediately zone out. I don't care where you went to school or what you majored in (at least, not as your primary attribute). I care about if you are cool. This isn't an interview for a position with Citibank. Gah! And I also can't stand people who brag about where they went to school. So fucking what, thousands of other people have been there are well. You are not that important.
  • "I love camping..." - I fucking hate camping.
  • "[laundry lists of shows, movies, music]" - I'm not kidding that I skim this section now because it's always the same as the last.

Other than that, OKC is rad. I like talking to people.