Rivcharlie took a turn with this first, right?

Anyway, in the spirit of spirit and so forth, I just unearthed something I had written to a lifelong friend of mine, back in Jun of 2004. We used to go back and forth a lot, writing quick-n-dirty and messy emails (well mine were, he's currently on his way to a PHD in the English Dept). It was way before I was writing semi-regularly online, had been out of college since 2003, life had changed a lot for me, back living at home, was avoiding college friends because they were still interested in drinking a pint a night (I was slightly older and partied all through highschool, and they all had like, their first beer in college or had no interest in drinking less than binge level. And my eyes were turning yellow), I had just fucked up a bone or tendon in my foot and totally wrecked my chances for a decent snowboarding season (for years, even when I walked on pavement I had pain), and had just got some awful corporate rental gig to pay off that glorious 5 1/2yr academic experience of mine (my deferments ran out). A girl, a manic, treacherous, curvy, likable one, came on to work after I had, and came on to me suuuper strong. Talkin full-tilt physical sexual harassment, and me, being the guy that I am (a lonely semi defeated, 26yrold hammerhead at the time, that had kept his dick to himself way the fuck more than he ever should have at school), and one that was no stranger to receiving such advances from females I've worked with in the past, decided to play the game. Well, the shenanigans that went on were ones that build legends. and T&A movies on USA Up All Night ...and when the histrionic spastic bullshit proved to be insurmountable, I cut the cord. Enjoys!—

i once thought i missed these walls,

the trees in the yard,

the basement where i used to play atari pitfall.

ridin around in my 2door rusted brown coup.

i feel like these medicore waves ive been ridin could be called soup.

now i think i could be anywhere,

its the vibe that miss

the surreal feeling of rounding second,

stalling on third

and actually sliding so far up in there you can feel her say

"holy FUCK does that feel good,"

with her eyes,

like that time you got some,

she looked at you and said yes,



YOU belong between these thighs.

and we both say "SHIT now we're really late for class"

run in there ten minutes late,

face still smells like her dinner plate,

the cute cute CUTE ass chic you sit next to smells something

she.... cant.... quite..... put her finger on.

and is all of a sudden really flirty with you,

and once again the champ is ready for another round.

sex sex sex, is that what This is all about.

do the swingers have it right??

just trying to fuck,


from rod to crease,

my piece to her puzzle,

night upon night

some girl about to say she's in love with you,

just after you've known each other for a week??

what the fuck does she love??

the fact that i'm not an asshole, at least a classic one??

the fact that i dont belittle her??

the fact that i want her to come??

....i mean christ make a mess for all i care.

the fact that i'd just assume drop my pants and plow right up in there every moment i get?

so you entertain a romantic endeavor

a couple weeks time and you know you are to clever for her silly female rebounding ways


"why dont you love me yet, where are your feelings?"

but i thought this was your boyfriend's pussy i was stealing

and you know in a about a cycle from the first that happened when you met

she's gonna come up with the,

i need to be alone,

i just got out of a relationship

...type of crap.

yeah, thats what i thought

"but but"

but what,,,do you think i'm with stupid, miss?