I was watching Chris Cuomo’s nighttime show on CNN a few nights ago, and one of his interviews was with Lynne Brookes, who’d been friends with Kavanaugh at Yale. She was there mainly to say (paraphrasing): “Listen, Brett Kavanaugh is lying about his youth: He did drink to excess, and I should know—I was his friend and I was drinking with him.” It was impressive for a number of reasons, one of which is that Brookes is today a Republican, so her story can’t be impeached as politically motivated. (Interview is here; it’s under 4 mins. and worth a listen.)

But the most interesting part of her interview was a little story she told to illustrate how boorish young Kavanaugh could be:

Isn’t this exactly the same psychology that seems to have driven Kavanaugh and Mark Judge’s attack on Christine Blasey? To use surprise and aggression to sexually humiliate a woman in a vulnerable moment?

The other thing the two incidents have in common: In each, Kavanaugh acted with a male friend. The first was with Mark Judge, the second with Chris Dudley. Which corresponds to something another school friend, Liz Swisher, told Cuomo in a later interview: “He was more interested in impressing the boys than impressing the girls.”