The reactions to this have been interesting...

In case of Kinja

As you all know, I normally do not insult the person I’m talking to or about, even if they are the exact opposite of who I am. Sometimes I even avoid “you statements”. I try to have a conversation, see where those people are coming from, and see if I educate them. Maybe I’ll even learn something myself. So even if someone is being particularly vile to me, I will not return the favour to’s just not who I am. It’s part of the reason a lot of my social media followers are actually conservatives.

So with that in mind, I’m not going to stop someone else from communicating in the way they want to. What works for me may not for you, so who am I to police that?

I do think it is possible to cross the line and where that line is may wildly vary based on...basically anything. Bee’s insult comes not even a full day after Rosanne went down in flames for inflammatory remarks (that’s saying it nicely) and the body wasn’t even cold yet.

The media and people on the right were definitely looking for someone on the left to point fingers at, so using a word that even liberals sometimes feel iffy about using was not going to go down well at all. Even some of Bee’s own fans and sponsors weren’t unanimously cool with it, let alone people on the right.


People will rightly point out that other comedians have used this word and worse words before without taking flack, and they’re right. I think context has a lot to do with it. Honestly, I bet if Bee said it at any other time, this wouldn’t be that huge of a deal. However, because of current events, it was a risky decision. It would be like if an offense comic decided to make a mass shooter joke the day after a mass shooting...

And after seeing how it pissed off a lot of people, her own fans, and - most importantly to a media personality - her sponsors, I think apologizing was an adult way of handling it. This is especially if herself and the network really don’t feel like dragging it out. She will be back on air next week, insult someone else in the Trump Administration, and nobody will care because Trump himself would have done something stupid and we’ll all be focusing on that.

...And Rosanne will (and rightfully so) hopefully remain off the air.

Am I crazy or wrong here, Clashtalk? I’m genuinely curious about what people think about this.