We have this man, who I’ve asked repeatedly to leave me alone, who a mod has told to back off, who dismissed (but couldn’t delete — thanks kinja!) the thread where it all happened:

The man, who has now commented again, not directly to me, but on a post I authored, essentially holding his finger in front of my nose and saying, “Neener, neener, I’m not touching you!”

And now there’s an Oppo mod saying, essentially, that he doesn’t see how that’s problematic. Oh, Oppo. I love you, but... *sigh*


Edit: Apparently me asking him (again) to stay away constitutes me harassing him.


Let’s just get one thing clear here. Gamecat did not ask me “multiple times” to leave you alone. I commented something very nice and cordial to you, and you jumped in with “Never speak to me again”. I then asked if you were speaking to the correct person, as we’ve never had any problems before. You then said that yes, you were indeed speaking directly to me. I asked what I had ever done to warrant this request, you then said that you don’t have to explain anything to me, just leave you alone. Gamecat enters the discussion here, ASKING me to refrain from talking to you if you had asked, which you did. I then told him that I was clueless about what had just happened, and all I wanted to know is that if I had indeed done something offensive, to clear the air and apologize. End discussion.

There is not a history of bad blood between us. You asked me not to chat with you, I didn’t. I have never spoken to you outside of Kinja, IRL, over emails, etc. I have no earthly idea who you are or why you’re trying to create this drama right now.

I didn’t talk to you. I didn’t address you. At this point, you’re more or less harassing me, and it’s a bit annoying. So, unless I’m speaking to you, don’t speak to me. I am asking you for that respect.


As long as he gets the last word in there, right?

ETA: I know I don’t have to tell any of you lovelies this, and I know you wouldn’t do otherwise anyway, but I’d like to ask that y’all keep any responses here on CLT. Oppo has a “don’t bring crossposting bullshit in here” policy (not a direct quote), so I’d rather not violate that.


But we here on CLT live to snark, don’t we? *devious grin*