I posted the link but here's the comment:

"I have a theory that future generations will look back on our times as this really quirky period in history. These are the strange few decades when, by some freak anomaly, the whole of mankind shat its collective marbles for a little while and were really convinced that tiny touchscreens in their pockets were super advanced and profoundly important.

These devices were the height of technology, or so they thought. Just recently beforehand they had rapidly progressed from abject manual labor to steam engines to nuclear power and from horses and carriages to a landing on another celestial body. But this was it. Advanced pocket phones. All that other stuff ground to a relative halt, the real leaps of human achievement and science. They had arrived at the pinnacle, they were sure.

They focused completely on little walkman type things that needed their batteries charged constantly, barely made voice calls, but primarily sent crude messages typed out clumsily with one's thumbs. They also had these things called apps. A thing called social media existed, and everyone lost their goddamned minds on it until they belatedly realized it did nothing truly new or novel or important, and it certainly didn't make money in a sustainable way.

The bubble eventually burst and then some group of clever folks started working on that starship to Mars. Fucking finally. And thus the miniature dark age right after the most fruitful part of the industrial revolution ended.

And it was all the fault of this man named Steve Jobs. That bastard, the schoolchildren thought as they left history class."