When you recommend a comment with a picture, the picture shows up on the recommend sidebar (until you star something else). A-like so:

It's a reference to this comment on this story about the first filmed kiss in history, one which apparently involved the filmmaker shouting, "Woo-hoo! Two chicks, dude!" (I'm guessing).

In this case, I'm pretty sure I have some history with the picture in the comment. We had a field trip to the downtown library when I was in third or fourth grade to look for books for a paper. I was reading about cameras, and found a book about the early years of photography. This picture—or one very much like it—was in it, and I remember staring at it for along time, putting the book back so the teacher wouldn't notice, then sneaking back a couple more times to take a couple more looks.


So there you go, anti-book people—I just gave you a cautionary tale for you "them library books is making our kids gay!" speech at the next school board meeting.