I'm on hold, so I'm reading through anything to distract me from the acid jazz blaring through the phone. I clicked the latest Dirt Bag and then skimmed the comments. Fuck these people. Seriously, who reads an article just to say "I hated all of this shit and despite you being a paid writer and me being the kind of person who comments on the internet in all caps and/or gifs, my opinion matters here"?

In what kind of bullshit world do these people exist where they turn up so consistently to crap on someone else's job? If you don't like Doug, fine. The solution is that you don't read his articles, idiot. To read through the whole thing and then complain about your pan-fried eyeballs kind of puts the blame ball squarely in your court.

I can't do a flowchart because my neck is at a right angle to my body while I cradle this phone, but unless you're Nick Denton, your opinion of Doug's job performance does not matter at all.

Don't get me wrong—I'm all for reasoned critique of articles. But this is not critique. These people have no specific beef; they just shit on him in the comments that he gets delivered to his inbox. Dick move, Jezebel commenters.


Tangentially related, someone called Charlotte Dawson recently died by suicide. She had been the victim of twitter threats in the past. There is some talk here of treating online bullying the same way that we treat off-line bullying. Interesting. Not that I think the jurisdiction will extend to the US, but hopefully it might make people think before posting something this non-specifically assholish:

Doug, what's a polite way to tell you your Dirt Bags are the absolute worst?



The worst and staaaaaaaaaahp, indeed.