Fun times in homes across Nassau County as the district attorney names the 104 men arrested in a spring sting against prostitution, part of a broader crackdown. It was unclear this weekend, when news of the arrests broke, whether DA Kathleen Rice would release their names and mugshots. But here it is. Says the DA, who has cast an eye on higher office:

“Sex workers are often vulnerable victims of traffickers and pimps, yet they too often remain the prime targets in prostitution investigations while the johns who fuel the exploitation are treated as mere witnesses. My office and the police department are turning the tables on the illogical and immoral nature of that equation.”

Fun facts: The authorities did post an ad targeting women as clients, but no one responded to it. And The undercover police officers posing as prostitutes included one man.

Oh and honey, that guy in the list must be the OTHER GlibandBitchy I told you about last year.