Well, I have been in the terrible state of Colorado for 2 years, and honestly not surprised at what took place today.

It is a really miss understood state. The front range, is full of hipsters, hippies, and evangelicals. You really have a hard time spitting without hitting a morman, which really, is a fundy hate group.

I used to do in home sales, not one of these motherfuckers aint packin some heat. I own 4 guns. Not one is an AR, or a pistol. These people are fucking armed to the teeth. Not kidding. You need proper paper work to put it on a truck. It is not a coincidence. This shit happens BECAUSE, motherfuckers own guns here.

I am honestly surprised only one dude showed up offering ‚Äúhelp‚ÄĚ.

We have gotten a lot better at killing each other than we have at making people better.