Richard 'smiley' Dawkins; on why we shouldn't read fairytales to kids, "Even fairy tales, the ones we all love, with wizards or princesses turning into frogs or whatever it was. There's a very interesting reason why a prince could not turn into a frog โ€“ it's statistically too improbable. "

Odd in another sense that I recently heard fairytales are popular because they introduce kids to a notion of fear in a safe environment. I just liked hearing about made up stuff as a kid.

If you don't mind Richey, I won'the be reading them "Life's Meaningless And All We're Insignificant" until they're not scared of the dark eh. Or telling them the tale of how people are dying in hospital of dehydration because the government is fucking up the NHS or the one about foreign policy fueling acts of terrorism rather than abating them . Let's let 'em be kids for a bit yeah. Ian Brown F.E.A.R.: