Labels. We so need Labels to put on people. Without being able to get to know each other we need to have easy access to labels to put on them. Duh, like a Duggar.

Our society is so far gone we cannot live without putting a label on everything. We have to have Campbell Soup labels on everything we fucking do.

Is it organic? Does it have GMO's in it? Is that song in the top 20?

I have a disorder that doesn't let me eat gluten.(1% of the population actually has an allergy to gluten).

Every day, at least in Denver, their is one guy pan handling off the interstate on my way to work . It must not be a great spot because I see a different person every day. It is almost like a drive through. I actually feel bad when I don't have change. You know you have change, and somebody is begging f0r it.

How did your life get that low?

And everyday they are there.

In Denver, I think everybody has gotten salty on it. I heard a BMW SuV full of kids yell "get a job" at a guy. He took that blow like he had heard it a million times before. Shamed by a car full of assholes. I am sure their parents are so proud.


Yeah, he should get a job. I just didn't think anybody had to tell him. He already knew that.