When I came home from work, there was a scruffy Comcast technician lurking around in my bushes. We haven't called anyone from Comcast. He said they could detect a leak in my area and were trying to identify its source so they could replace the faulty equipment. I'm sure it was totally legit, but my brain immediately went to "There's a rapist casing my house."

I admit I have spent far too much of my life reading Crime Library and obsessively watching all of the old Court TV true crime shows, but I'm sure I am far from the only woman who automatically feels suspicion towards male service workers that come to her home.

When he eventually needed to come inside, because of course he needed to come inside, I wouldn't let him in until I had 911 punched in on my phone and ready to go. And I know that unless I call Comcast to confirm that they sent him here, for the next few days, I'll wonder from time to time if he'll come back when he knows my husband is gone.

Sometimes, being a woman is no fun. There are times where it feels like paranoia is common sense.