Jello Biafra is performing at a "men's club" cutty enough for me to not have heard of it, yet poppin enough to be hosting a Jello Biafra show. It does not sound like this show will be of the spoken word, beret-wearin and finger-snappin variety. Sounds like Jello is going HAM, which is funny because jello is actually made from swine.

One of my favorite customers at the day-job was excited enough that I kinda feel bad for not offering to bail him out tomorrow morning if necessary. He expressed a sincere desire to forcibly throw me into the venue because "oh they would love you. You wouldn't get out of there alive, with your light beard."

I told him no, everything would be alright because I would choose to keep my raging homophobia to myself for a change. OK, I didn't say that, because I fucking thought of it too late. Can't win em all...

It feels good to be right at that perfect level of handsomeness where I'm foine enough to be foine, but not so foine that I won't appreciate every compliment I can get. Grown men really should refer to each other as "baby" more often.