My sink was totally clogged, my tub was backing up (sewage in the tub! Yum!), and my toilet was not so much *flushing* as it was leaking from the bottom and onto the floor. I thought I was the NUMBER ONE HOMEOWNER on the planet after I managed to clear the superblockage using only a plunger (the trick turned out to be this: after getting a good seal and vigorously plunging for a while, hold the plunger in the down plunge for a few seconds to allow the pressure to build up behind the blockage and push it through).

I was number one, that is, until I went downstairs to the living room to see water leaking through the ceiling. No big deal, I thought. I will stop in a few minutes. Then I noticed that the water was yellow.

My living room is going to smell like pee. What a welcome scent for visitors!