So, the expected dissolution of my previous part-time employment happened tonight with many emailed fireworks. It was the most dramatic firing of my lifetime. We emailed back and forth several times with our sides of the story, pointing fingers at each other, etc. over the six hours of work I claimed that my former employer disputed. We ended our correspondence by him telling me:

"Such poor work quality Graby Sauce, truly. Were you proud of it? I was never able to utilize anything you did. I've worked with dozens and dozens of people from all walks of life, people that I gave less direction and assistance to, and your work was at the very bottom of that spectrum. Not my concern anymore however. I'm sorry I ever tried to help you. What a mistake!!! So long, and Good Luck!"

My reply:

You should ask yourself why you've had to work with "dozens and dozens" of people with no luck in finding someone to your liking or willing to work with you long term. I suggest you look in the mirror.

Your maturity is truly underwhelming. See ya, Asshole. [Ed: not his real name]

He responded:

You are really an angry and hateful person Graby Sauce. I feel sad for you. Please know your words, they don't affect me. You are but a mosquito on my windshield of life. Entirely inconsequential.

Good luck with your journey though. Tempest Fuget....

Nice guy! I ended with:

Sigh. Asshole, just go to bed.

It's really funny, but this ridiculousness has truly lifted my spirits.