Unless you find a hamfisted way to turn it into a 69 joke.


SNL’s “Weekend Update”

There is perhaps no better crystallization of how our neoliberal institutions are unequipped to confront this political era than Colin Jost—a man seemingly bioengineered to be trashed in an appositive in 2018—needling New Yorkers protesting Amazon opening a second headquarters in Queens. What follows is an amazing feat of false equivalence, reductive reasoning, and good old fashioned coastal elitism:

Only New Yorkers could complain about getting 25,000 new jobs. All the cities who lost out must be like, “Shut up you whiny bitch.” New York basically won the lottery and we’re like, “But the subways might be slightly more crowded.” Meanwhile, people in West Virginia are like, “Well, back to the mines.” Yeah, I know it’s going to raise housing prices, but it’s a little late for New Yorkers to complain about rent. I mean, even Amazon had to move to Queens because it couldn’t afford to live in Manhattan.

Yeah, Scarlett Johansson’s boyfriend definitely “takes” “the” “train” and “pays” “rent” and knows intimately the plight of coal miners. And I’m a bitch.


Did someone miss the memo that SNL is satire? Sure, you could argue it was bad satire, but still. It’s not like these guys are an actual news organization.

Further, they missed the very easy low hanging fruit that is Michael Che’s attempts at offense comedy and him openly attacking people who don’t like those jokes. I’m not saying Che deserves to be on the list either, but are they really saying that satire is worse than that???

And if the bar for getting on the list of bad media organizations is so low as to include satire, where’s the universally disliked - by their own readers - articles that lead to the purge?