Tonight, my city repealed the anti-discrimination ordinance that our city council passed back in August. The one with the Duggars and their hate. This is the third time we've voted in five weeks, and it just feels like we're going backwards and backwards and backwards.

The pro-repeal side was basically a jumble of lies. Lots of rhetoric about men lying about being trans women so they could sneak into bathrooms and rape young girls, and lots of posturing that "there just ISN'T discrimination against gay people in our town" (which, obviously, is false, and if they want written down examples there are plenty of letters to the editor and facebook posts). Complaints that this would violate religious freedom (which it would not). Just outright untruths.

In the end, the churches turned their vote out better than we turned our side out. City council can try to pass another ordinance, but we will have to see what happens.