Oh backlash, there's always backlash. Sometimes it's warranted sometimes it's just people being shitty. The KM backlash has come and I feel like since it's one of our own it should be addressed. We have all talked about our trials and triumphs here. We have had had insight into the lives of people we would never get the joy of meeting in our regular day to day life. I have loved every second of the support and joy I get from you. KM's post was wonderful. I identified with a lot of it and I thought that it was great someone was speaking about their truth, a truth I have shared with her and others in not so many words. I am always reluctant to talk about my money situation. I was raised not to, no matter how much or little you have it was not polite and it was considered crass. I grew up very wealthy, you would never know and even I didn't know it until college. I didn't know what a recession was until it punched me in the face and I found my self among every other American wondering what the hell to do next. The fact that KM grew up in a way that I also did and now finds her self in a situation like mine makes her that much more relatable to me. I have applied for food stamps while carrying a Gucci bag. I do not look poor, I'm well dressed and my child is always presentable. I think this backlash may help people refocus on what it means to be poor in today's America. People that once had a lot now have nothing. My daughter's Godparents came from a very famous family and heirs of a department store. An illness and a bad economy has them clipping coupons with the rest of us and putting Christmas presents on layaway at K-Mart. Welcome to the New America.