I've always wanted to be one of those people that makes things. I mean my career involves making lights turn on, and sockets work, and ensuring no-one gets hurt in the process but it's not the same as using your hands to turn one thing into another...

Anyway I'm learning to play slide guitar but the ball ache of re-tuning my guitar constantly and the strings being really close to the fretboard (i.e a low action) so the slide bounces off the frets. Makes it a pain in the arse.

With that in mind I've sold my much loved but barely used "Cry Baby Wah Wah" guitar peddle for funds. I'm going to buy a cheapy acoustic guitar and with the magic of a soldering iron, some swearing and a lot of luck and maybe a hammer. I'm going to merge a cool sounding bluesy pickup into the acoustic and make it an electric slide behemoth.

Or a big carbuncle.