Remember how I said I was going to have to cancel my cable so I can afford the personal trainer? Well so I called DirecTv. (Mind you my bill is like $100 a month because I have HBO, and the fancy "Choice Extra" package, and HD receiver blah blah blah. So I stood to save a lot of money by cancelling. )

The guy was like, "you've been a great customer for three years, you can basically name your price." I was like "well, I could probably do $40." He gave me a free receiver for a year and cut the HBO and just by switching over the "Family Pack" I cut my bill to $30!!! I suppose this means I've been getting suckered for years—I had a much cheaper introductory rate the first year and then it went up—but WHO CARES???

The main thing I was regretting was my son not being able to watch the Simpsons. And if I need to watch Bravo they have it on the tvs at the gym. Win-win.

So if you have a big fat bill like mine call them and tell them you're poor.