To my fellow NC drivers currently blanketed in snow-

Yes, I know that snow is exciting, and anything over 6 inches can be scary. And you’re probably getting bored stuck at home or you need to get to work. I get it. But act like y’all got some sense.

Is there snow on your car? Ok, clear it. Not just the windshield, but all of it. Even the stuff on top. Yes it’s inconvenient, but otherwise you’re the asshole on the interstate who wings a large frozen Frisbee into the car behind you. Don’t be that guy.

Car’s cleared, you’re on the road and it’s messy. Go slow but steady. Relax that death grip on the wheel- you want your hands to be responsive. I prefer to downshift into 2nd gear, even in an automatic. If you can plan your stop, say for a traffic light, ease into it early. The last thing you want to do is slam your brakes and start to slide.

If you see an iffy bit coming up, slow down but don’t stop unless you feel unsafe- then please pull over. No shame in that. If you do want to brave the iffy bit, downshift if needed and go steady. No gunning it or slamming breaks, just keep momentum and control.

Oh shit, you’re in a skid. It’s ok, your hands are firm but responsive. Focus. Ease off the gas. DO NOT slam the brakes, even in ABS cars. Pump them, but no slamming because you know better. Keep your eyes where you want the car to go, and gently nudge the wheel that way. No jerking AT ALL, just a gentle coaxing. You’re not going to over-correct like those other guys.


Last thing- SUVs and CUVs don’t mean shit unless you know how to drive them. I-85 was littered with wrecked 2WD SUVs.

Jalops feel free to correct me.