This is the expensive-ass cat food that my girl cat decided that she only eats now. It’s pretty pricey in stores but I found a cheaper deal on Amazon, around $20 for 24 3oz cans (for comparison, the Purina Gravy Lovers that we were feeding them costs $16 for 48, almost 6oz cans.)

I’m just kinda bitching again because this fucking cat is so fucking persnickety about literally everything and ManWriter has told me he’s given up trying to figure her out, so it all falls on me. I have to leave very specific instructions for her when I’m gone for more than a day. She’s a cat.

OH! And the last couple of times I’ve taken my cat in, she’s been slightly dehydrated, so my vet suggested I mix some water in with her food, which is what I’ve been doing. However, she’s still kind of dehydrated so the vet suggested I get one of those water foundation pet bowls because some cats just prefer their water like that.

Anyone else experience this?