First a little backstory. Many years ago, a family friend had started up a blog and told me about it. It was set up private, where you had to have an account to get to the site, and then know the site's name to get to it. I would check on it periodically, but never comment. I read it and it cemented my belief that chick was crazy. So I kept reading because it was free entertainment. Still only checking in about once a week or so.

One day, after a few months of this, I logged in and noticed I had a message waiting for me. As I did nothing on this site, that was strange. I checked it and it was a notification that I had been turned over by this friend for stalking and harassment. Again, I was invited to the blog, only checked in about once a week, and never left a comment. The thing got straightened out, but I was pissed and didn't want anything to do with said friend anymore. I did still keep in touch with her daughter for awhile(we went to school together) and daughter said that basically her mom was crazy and sorry and was going to be giving up blogging.

Anyway, going to my question. I lost touch with friend's daughter and was googling to see if I could find info when old family friend's blog came up. It's still active. Is there anyway I can check on it and hide my tracks? I moved and don't want this friend to have a way to narrow down where I moved to, plus I don't want to be accused of harassment again.

ETA: I'm sure it's just as simple as turning off cookies, but I want to make sure. I checked on incognito windows, but the help button on those said that they don't prevent websites from tracking your information, just your computer keeping your info.