Wingnut Texas Congressional Candidate Tries This 'Reddit' Thing, Gets Laughed Off Internet

Key quotes:

Lamar is a big government, control everything in your life establishment Republican. I am a small government, Freedom and Opportunity Republican. This is safe Republican district, so you are going to get one of us and the question is which kind of Republican do you want?

As for the word marriage, it is between one natural man and woman. (bolded by me)

I am a 10th amendment, States Rights Guy. This should be there problem to deal with. Medical? I’m not a Dr. (this sentence is an editor's worst nightmare)


This is a TERRIFIC AMA. “The kids on Reddit, they hate SOPA! They hate Obama! Matt, it’ll be a cakewalk!”

So far [the Second Amendment] has worked out pretty well for us.

I believe that the Republican Party should be the party of mercy on this subject. I am completely against abortion and would like to eliminate it. (bolded was not added by me)