I ain't even gonna make any dumbass "surrender" jokes. Mostly because I'm not convinced the Raiders weren't giving 103%. And saying they phoned it in lets everybody off the hook for the sorry truth- they really are that bad.

That's what is most pathetic about Sunday's display. They weren't an injury-ravaged shell of a team. Or an injury ravaged shell of a shell of a team, as they were in some horrible losses last year. They've probably been fortunate in regards to injuries this season, and were actually in fairly good health for week 13 of an NFL season.

No, that was pretty much the exact 2014 Raiders team that Reggie McKenzie built and insisted would be competitive. In fact, they're even better than that, as Derek Carr has exceeded expectations after they lucked into him due to the rest of the league being scared of his last name. Matt Schaub (SCHAUBBY!) came in to illustrate what Reggie's master plan was really supposed to look like, but I turned this shit off shortly after halftime so you'll have to tell me all about that. Of course nobody had to tell me he threw a pick-six. That was a given.

Let's get back to SCHAUBBY. But first, that Reggie McKenzie defense... all the old guys he signed, while they have obviously brought the championship intangibles to change that Raiders' culture of losing, have had the cumulative effect of making our defense slow as shit. I mean how dare people impugn the professionalism and effort of some of 2008's stoutest defenders- did they not see how hard they were straining to catch all those guys who were running right by them? They don't have a fucking prayer against a young, fast, well-coached offense.

Our offense is a joke, apparently by design. I've made the effort to rationalize Reggie's QB investments the past two years, but signing Matt Schaub was just terribly stupid. If you got nothing else going aside from Terrelle Pryor, fine, give Matt Flynn a shot, I guess. But spending $8 million on Schaub was ridiculous. Matt McGloin had already proved himself serviceable, at least. No, he did not look like he would be leading anybody on any game-winning AFC Championship drives in the near future. Like that needs to be the standard for this fucking franchise though? They should have rolled with McGloin and planned on drafting a QB to compete with him, and then diving into the scrap heap if necessary. It doesn't get any more scrap than fucking Matt Schaub. Might as well give Kyle Boller a call as give Schaub $8 mil. McGloin has earned more regard than he has received from our front office.


As if Reggie gives a fuck. Otherwise we'd probably still have Rashad Jennings, who would have cost us about half what Schaub is getting paid.

Reggie's stated plan was to have Matt Schaub managing a run-heavy offense to set up play action. He got no running backs worth a damn. Or WRs. And he let a quality LT walk. So he essentially expected Matt Schaub to put a team of scrubs on his back, months after he dragged Houston down to the number one pick in the draft.


I try not to criticize without having a better idea, and I'm still not sure what could have realistically been done differently in free agency. But ANYTHING would have been better than anointing Matt Schaub as our 2014 savior, with no help whatsoever. Reggie McKenzie deserves to be fired for even considering that shit, let alone putting it in action. Fuck him.

Now this weekend, if they don't put in at least a respectable effort for us fans, there will be no excuses for anybody. Just scorn.


Fuck the Niners.