Hoo boy, do we have a long season ahead of us.

Derek Carr actually looked solid in his debut. The rest of the team looked terrible. Hopelessly terrible.

The new store-bought defensive front seven played well enough, aside from Miles Burris being a far less than adequate replacement for usual starting MLB Nick Roach, who was inactive still recovering from a preseason concussion. Our cornerbacks are terrible. Tyvon Branch doesn't help much. And watching Charles Woodson play, I would be willing to bet that he's on the shelf for a couple months with a shoulder injury by the bye week. He still has the head, heart, hands, and enough wheels, but he's too old and not big enough to be throwing himself around like he is. He's toast.

Our offensive line was very disappointing, even taking into account the Jets' quality D-line. And MJD did absolutely nada. Not resigning Rashad Jennings looks like as dumb a move as not keeping Veldheer. Rod Streater is a nice enough player but he's not putting an NFL team on his back. The coaching staff seemed very reluctant to have Carr take deeper drops and look down field, but it's really not a good sign that our WR corp couldn't make any plays against what will probably be the worst secondary they face all season.

The Raiders looked bad enough to already start talking about people's jobs again- namely, that of GM Reggie McKenzie. We should start a pool on when Dennis Allen will be canned. That's inevitable now. But three years in, knowing damn well it was all about taking a big fat L the last two seasons and building for now, and that's all the talent we got? Sio Moore looks good. The first three picks in this year's draft seem to be hits. But that's about it. Maybe Latavius Murray steps up after the other two botched signings ahead of him break down. Menelik Watson couldn't earn the starting RT spot. DJ Hayden can't see the field. And that's the one that really gets me- you can't find any decent young CBs, three fucking years? Even if Carr, Mack and Gabe Jackson all have good years, it's really not acceptable.

This team fucking inexcusably sucks. Go Raiders.