You know you turned in a respectable day at the job when the boss tips you cash on the way out "for beer or Advil." So let's get this over with so I can smoke.

As they have in pretty much every loss this season aside from the Denver and Philly games, the Raiders staked themselves a quick lead which slowly but surely evaporated. The defense played well enough, the offense and McGloin held their own, but ultimately they couldn't hold off a more talented team. There were two major bright spots for the Raiders; starting LT Jared Veldheer returned from his torn triceps and looked like he hadn't missed a game. Originally slated to be on a snap count, Veldheer ended up playing every offensive snap and only allowed a single QB pressure (which if memory serves was on one of the first couple plays). Finding a franchise LT in the middle rounds of the draft is probably the best thing the Raiders have done in the past couple years, and with more than enough cap space to lock him up long-term after his contract expires next season, he's huge for the team in every sense.

And then we had Andre Holmes, who put on quite the display. He opened some eyes the previous week against the Titans, but dude just went off Thursday. Hopefully the former Cowboy can produce like that even when he's not going up against a previous employer. The only huge play he could have made and didn't kinda wasn't his fault... seeing as how the ball wasn't thrown to him. I believe the only thing I've called out our coaching staff for this year was not letting The Polish Cannon attempt a long field goal at the half. But I gotta call em out again here- WHY THE FUCK DID YOU HAVE JACOBY FORD RUNNING THE CORNER FADE ON OUR LAST PLAY? Watching him play this season, it's amazing to think of how Jacoby Ford has single-handedly won us games in years past. He can't hold on to the ball to save his life. He makes Denarius Moore look reliable. We have a beast like Holmes going up and getting everything in his area code all day long, and with the game on the line you throw it to the short guy who can't catch shit? That raised an eyebrow, which will be discussed at greater length in our next installment.

Losing this game did not raise my temper as it could have, thanks to the soothing adult contemporary broadcast skills of the one and only Jim Nantz. As soon as I heard he was calling the game, I knew they would not make a big deal about the Callahan connection. True to Jim's plastic, boot-licking form, they showed bitch ass Bill up in the booth once, mentioned he is a former Raiders coach, but didn't even acknowledge that he coached them in a Super Bowl. NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS! Just a guy accused of throwing a Super Bowl going up against the team he fucked, no big deal. I hope Jim enjoyed his post-game Shirley Temple (no cherry- they're suggestive) and room temperature oatmeal, because he earned it.

Shout out to pops, my brother, and our adopted holiday brother for the br0tastic viewing experience. Hope you all had as nice a Thanksgiving as we did...