When Sebastian Janikowski trotted out to kick an early 52 yard field goal, I did a double take. Normally I am The Polish Cannon's biggest proponent. But a long FG, in the cold, while he's in a rut, when the opposing QB couldn't help but throw the ball straight to us on his last four attempts, did not make much sense to me. Soon after, Terrelle Pryor replaced McGloin for a series, and then it became crystal clear- we did not really want to win that game too badly.

First off, that is not an excuse. We did not not-try nearly as hard as we should have to end up losing to Geno Smith and the Jets. The players were clearly all in. The coaches, as our last gasp play against Dallas indicated... perhaps not so much. And that is how you tank in the NFL. You can't even acknowledge it to the guys on the field risking life and limb on every play. You just "evaluate our young talent." Don't rush guys back from injury. Dick around with your QBs. And then you call a half-assed game.

I started perusing 2014 mock drafts at halftime.

Most of Sunday's highlights occurred up in the booth. I am famously not a Rich Gannon fan in some circles, and every time that jackass says something into a microphone I want to shout "I told you so!" While he did an excellent job of playing quarterback for us for a few years, it does not exempt him from being the dipshit he so obviously is.

We've had him on color commentary a few times this year, with different partners on the play-by-play. But there is only one man who should be stuck in a booth with Rich. A pro's pro. A great man. Perhaps one of the greatest men- Marv Albert.

The first thing you need to know about Marv Albert is that Chuck D says he bit his whole flow off Marv. That would make Marv pretty awesome by itself. Then his sex scandal cemented that awesomeness. But the best thing about Marv Albert is that he is absolutely fucking hilarious, and, whether it's a result of time served or his innate personality, he doesn't seem to give a fuck.


When Pryor subbed in for McGloin, it didn't take a football genius to make an educated guess as to what was going on. As previously mentioned, the team had insisted without giving specifics that Pryor was going to get some run in the last few games. Sending him out there for a series here and there makes more sense than sitting McGloin for a whole game. But true to form, Gannon lost his shit. I don't know what job he is campaigning for while he offers up these smoking #hottaeks when he calls games, but that job does not appear to be Skilled Television Broadcaster. His opinion was that Dennis Allen essentially pantsed McGloin and stuffed him in a locker, and therefore none of the cool football players would ever respect him again.

Marv Albert, bless his filthy soul, trolled the shit out of Gannon on this. Marv Albert knows that Rich Gannon is an idiot, and in a supreme act of love for the viewing audience, he proceeded to unspool the rope from which Rich would hang himself and prove it for the umpteenth time. No Marv, and my eyes would have rolled damn near out of my head. With Marv, we got priceless TV.


But he was not done there, not in the slightest. Later in the game, following the obligatory Heidi Game reference, Marv went for the kill by telling Rich- not asking him, but telling him, that he knew Rich was happy as a child when Heidi came on and cut off the game. BOOM! And that will probably be the most enjoyable moment of Raiders football until our 2014 cap space kicks in.