McGloin. Kinda sounds like "groin." Whenever I hear about groins, or groin injuries (which, of course, is the only time you hear about groins. Nothing good ever happens to a groin) I think of Sam Malone rapping on the news. Heh heh... groins.

Anyhoo, it was a pretty crazy weekend of football. Crazy finishes, crazy refs, crazy weather. Crazy enough for this game to be reduced nationally to the little Schaub/Johnson tiff at the end. But from start to finish, this was an incredible football game. Namely due to the performance of one former college walk-on, current undrafted rookie, little ass ginger Matt McGloin. And also for the striking, if not eerie similarities to the Mr. Davis Game against Houston two years ago.

After seemingly not seeing our QB just fucking drop back and throw the ball in about a month, Matt McGloin took it upon himself to turn the Raiders into a real football team again. I had been convinced that it really wasn't in anybody's best interest to try to resemble an NFL QB behind the Raiders current offensive line (who had a fantastic game themselves Sunday). And it's not exactly as if there had been solid WRs innocently wasting away, as the numerous dropped passes Sunday confirmed. But Matt McGloin did not give a fuck. Matt McGloin is apparently so determined to be an NFL QB that he dragged ten other guys along with him to make it happen. He showed a better arm than advertised. He made his reads quick. He ducked pressure like an old pro. And all on the road, against one of the top defenses in the league, playing desperate.

Desperate enough for Gary Kubiak, coaching from the booth in his return from collapsing on the field from a minor stroke, to pull QB Case Keenum and replace him with Matt Schaub, for reasons only he knows. Keenum was not playing poorly. The Raiders have been in the habit of jumping to quick leads only to slowly and steadily give them away all season long. It was one of the more inexplicable coaching calls I've seen in recent memory. The only way I make sense of it is that Kubiak felt helpless stuck up in the booth, and he made a panic move to overcompensate. If it wasn't going to happen anyway, he'll be fired for that.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my main man Matt enter the game, and judging by how much less we blitzed Schaub than we did Keenum, our coaching staff was as well. The pleasantness subsided toward the end there, when it looked like the Raiders were going to lose. After getting inside the Raiders ten yard line, Ben Tate fumbled, with the ball bouncing directly back into his arms. This is after Keyshawn Martin returned a punt for a TD after picking it up perfectly in stride after it bounced off his face mask. Two lucky bounces like that in a close game are usually enough. But not if Matt Schaub has anything to say about it! Raider Matt decided to reenact the conclusion of the game two years ago, although this time we decided to employ all eleven players against him. Schaub threw Houston's final chance out of the reach of Andre Johnson, maybe 20 feet away at the most from where Michael Huff picked off that pass two years ago. I'll take whatever wins I can get as a Raider fan right now, but that... that was a nice touch. RIP Mr. Davis.


Also notable- Rashad Jennings. I did not see him coming through for us like this. The Texans' DJ Swearinger saw Rashad coming through for us, immediately before Rashad ran him the fuck over on the way to an 80 yard TD run. The collision wasn't really that impressive. But the fact that Jennings could run through a safety and still outrun everybody to the house was very, very impressive. The Raiders had a contract offer on the table to McFadden before the season started. Thank God he turned it down. He's somebody else's problem next year.

Also also notable- the Raiders got an extra down in this game. After a dead ball foul, the officials reset the down, when they should have let the play stand. The commentators, with help from the truck most likely, were on it immediately (Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots, who did a great job all day. They immediately ripped Kubiak when he sent Schaub in). It ended up being entirely inconsequential. But still... that's really not supposed to happen.

Also also also not supposed to happen? Badass undrafted rookie ginger Smurf QBs. It will be interesting to see how long it holds up, but for the time being you'd have to be a heartless son of a bitch to not be a McGloin puller.