The Raiders appear to now have something of a young, competent, and steadily improving defense going. The offense is fucking pathetic.

The worst thing about televised football is what you don't see going on in the defensive backfield. Derek Carr has shown the arm, accuracy, and cajones to chuck the ball downfield. But for whatever reasons to whatever degree, he ain't, and the Raiders can't win that way. My assumption is that our WRs just can't get open. And it kinda seems like our coaching staff doesn't even trust a single one of them going over the middle. Can't say that I blame them.

There was dare I say something of a bright spot on offense this week- Latavius Murray ripped off consecutive runs that were as good as anything we've seen from McFadden and that other useless dumbass. Sparano says his role will be increased. Still very curious why it took this long for him to get a real shot.

So this is the year McFadden decides to stay healthy. Thanks bud.

Have you guys noticed what a goofball Tony Sparano is (OK?)? Whenever I hear him speak, after thirty seconds I fall into a slack-jawed, semi-hypnotic spellbound state of disbelief that Tony Sparano is an NFL head coach. Yet he is probably the most credible head coach this franchise has had in a long time. And I'll be damned if the team isn't still chugging along for him, for the time being at least. It makes me think that Dennis Allen really was a shitty coach. But then again that dude somehow won three games with the 2013 Raiders, a feat which seems more amazing by the day.


Speaking of which, yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the last time the Raiders won a game. It was of course against the Houston Texans, with your favorite and mine, Matt Schaub, inexplicably coming off the bench for no discernible reason for Houston to ensure a Raider victory. SCHAUBBY!

Reggie McKenzie traded a draft pick for the right to give Matt Schaub $8,000,000 this year.


Welp, we got Thursday night at home coming up this week. If it's ever gonna fucking happen...