Gotta go get the douche-meter on my TV fixed this week after this magical moment from Sunday.

After two pathetic offerings, the Raiders showed up this week. The defense put enough of a lid on Brady to bring the boo birds out (although these are the same people who booed the Patriots off the field at halftime of The Tuck Game- they're pretty shitty fans). They managed to bring more pressure up front than we'd seen all season and weren't getting toasted on the back end, with the Pats opting for a surprisingly pass-happy attack themselves.

Derek Carr looked great. He was doing more game-managing than rock n' roll cool guy quarterbackin if that matters (right now, it does not), mostly going to safer short and intermediate routes to the outside. He didn't shy away from Revis as much as he could have though, and the thought did occur to me that they may well be cautious about throwing over the middle more because of our WRs than our QB... and that was long before a Carr pass from the Pat's twelve yard line hit Denarius Moore right in the chest, popped up into the air and turned into the game-clinching pick. I had been wondering what was taking so long for Denarius to bust out his signature move.

The play that preceded the interception has been the biggest post-game talking point, however. With the Raiders at or near the league lead for fewest penalties, and a modest eleven flags thrown all day, stud rookie LG Gabe Jackson drew a holding call as Darren McFadden ran into the end zone for the apparent game-tying touchdown. The last two neutral accounts of the game I read used the adjectives "controversial," and "shaky" to describe. Many other apparently unbiased individuals have used stronger language. And Raider fans are pretty pissed. The call came on a block that we saw many times all day Sunday with no flag or protest. Of course, we saw all type of blown calls on Sunday and last night too. But the flag not coming out until after McFadden crossed the goal line has a lot of people steamed, and I can't blame them. Personally, my feeling is that it was a very bad call, but on the off-chance that the NFL wants to conspire to give us the #1 pick in the 2015 draft, I'm not going to cry about it.

Besides, we don't want to drown out all the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from the other side of the bay, now do we? Hee hee hee... the Niners are at the top of the league in penalties, and after three games, their fans have already decided it's because everybody is out to get them. It is seriously a somewhat popular theory amongst Niner fans that the referees are punishing them for playing Ray McDonald. Think about how amazingly awful that is.


What are the age-old stereotypes that Raiders fans get ripped for again? Living in the past, being low-lifes, and having crazy conspiracy theories.

Niners fans are the first to want to talk about "rings" even though they haven't won any in twenty years. It's consensus opinion amongst everybody with half a clue that they are the most antagonistic, worst behaved fan base in the NFL right now. And after leading the league in penalties for THREE FUCKING WEEKS, they have decided that it's because they are being victimized for playing a guy who was just arrested for domestic abuse.

The funniest thing about it is not that they have become "us." No, the funniest thing is that it is now completely obvious how badly they've wanted to be us for the last fifty years. They just don't have the heart.


Anyhoo, iron your Sunday best, because we have a funeral for Dennis Allen to attend in a couple days here.

Go Raiders.