Hi guys! I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your helpful and supportive responses on my allergies post. I'm sorry I didn't reply to everyone—my brain was about as broken as it can get yesterday, plus I spent the entirety of the day running endless frantic errands with my mom in a search for relief from my hell-prison made of snot and insomnia.

I now have a HEPA vacuum, a decent HEPA air purifier running in my home, a second high-end HEPA air purifier on its way, and my husband has treated most of our house with an anti-allergen spray.

It was quite a day. I was beyond running on empty—my tank had gone dry long before yesterday morning. I couldn't have been more fragile. I cried in so many public places yesterday—a pharmacy, a doctor's office, random stores while we ran errands. The worst was the pharmacy, though; I went to pick up two prescriptions, and when the cashier told me one was going to cost $240 and one would be $180, I put my head in my hands and started sobbing on the counter. Not one of my finest moments. Thank god my mom was there to scoop me up every step of the way and redirect me. (How horrible it must be to work in a pharmacy! I bet that, these days, they see that kind of panic and despair with some frequency.)

Slept a little more last night. Got about three or four hours of actual, unbroken, deep sleep. Not enough to mend me, but god, it's amazing what a difference even a few hours of real rest can make when you've gone so long without sleep that you're starting to go a little mad. I can barely recognize the person I was yesterday.

The biggest development was that I figured out that Flonase is giving me insomnia! Sure, this means I can't be on nasal steroids anymore, and I'll have to deal with an increase in congestion, but at least I've figured out what appears to be the root of my sleeping troubles.


And now I'm off to struggle to catch up with three days of missed work.

I love you guys! This is a wonderful little community, and I appreciate so much that we can spaz out in front of one another when things get tough, and receive nothing but kindness and compassion in return. Clashtalk is the bestest!