I grew up loving wrestling as a kid, back when it wasn't all fake, like it is now—in my day, we didn't have those buff pretty boys doing aerial ballet. Wrestling was a bunch of vaguely strong fat guys whaling on each other. And those were the guys in the big leagues. One wonders, "What of the lesser lights, the guys struggling to make ends meet as they try to work their way up the ladder?"

Well, wonder no more, as the Toronto Globe and Mail gives a behind-the-scenes look at some wrestlers trying to make it big, and I have to say, God bless them. Here are a couple of my favorites:

[Editor's note: here is part of the caption for the above picture: "By day Randy Hawkins works at a call center for an insurance company, but by night he becomes Carl Cunningham, one half of the wrestling tag team called the Cunninghams." If you want to make it big, sir, might I suggest a different stage name? True, Carl Cunningham does sound fearsome, but note the number of wrestlers with names like Hulk, Sting, Iron Hillbilly, etc. Anyway, just put a pin in it.]