Did anyone have a physical reaction to watching it in 3D? Since I worked like a demon all weekend, I slept late and went to see Gravity on IMAX 3D this morning. Afterwards I was a quivering, jittery mess. It felt like I had been shaken/beaten for an hour and had get a cup of herbal tea before going further. I'm an internet Old & have bifocals, so I haven't been to a 3D movie since they made those novelty horror ones on the 80s. Is it normal to feel like that from 3D? Is that deliberate on Cuarón's part to make us viscerally feel Stones's exhaustion/relief? I jumped a lot during the movie, which the couple in front of me did not seem to be doing. Or is from all of the caffeine & long hours this weekend?

It's not helping me calm down that I'm now on the train on one of those four seat/table deals. The guy sitting across from me is stretched out across two chairs with his legs splayed out (I'm tempted to take a crotch shot of him), his big-ass bag is in the seat next to me, so I'm squeezed into a corner. He's not American, so can't tell whether he didn't move it when I asked because he doesn't have enough English or because he's an asshole who doesn't want to put his luxury leather bag above his seat like the rest of us peons. He stinks and just started taking loudly on his cell phone IN THE GODDAMN QUIET CAR. Judging from her face, the woman behind him might be having a rage-stroke, so this should be fun. But I'm even more agitated.

BTW, it was a good film. I was mildly annoyed that, once again, the payment for POC to get in space is that they are the first to die.