Some knowledge we garner from books, some from teachers and some from the TV. But this could only come from a friend.

My van was blowing black smoke out of the exhaust. Never a good sign. Luckily an old rugby friend owns a garage nearby. I called by this evening to pick it up (turbo hose or something) when we start chatting. Turns out my mate's doing well for himself and fair play because he works bloody hard. He tells me he's had a jacuzzi installed at home, shows me some pictures and whatnot.

"Don't have a wank in one Littlewing""Eh"

"The jizz floats to the top"

*I expect some tale of shagging prowess*

"Me and our lass went on holiday to a place last year with one,she got out so I had a wank, I was picking spunk off myself for days after,won't be doing it at home"

So there you have it.