The taxes on this shit are 33%, although they are giving a local discount to soften the blow until everyone is absolutely aware of it.

Since I use edibles strictly for my insomnia, I’m able to still get a medical card for cannabis, although I believe I have to go through the state for it now, but it reduces the sales tax to 8% and I can buy higher doses of edibles than what they will be selling. For example, since recreational weed is legal, dispensaries can only sell in 100mg doses edibles/drinks, whereas I usually buy 500-1,000mg brownies for sleeping (I cut them up into small pieces and take one piece each night.) The pieces contain about 25-30mg of THC, so a 100mg brownie will only cover me for a few nights and then I have to buy more. The medical card will allow me to continue to buy in bulk.

I know it sounds like I’m bitching, and I am a little, but I did essentially vote for this because I think it’s utterly ridiculous for 18, 19, 20-year-olds to be getting 15 years sentence for goddamn weed. I’ll pay the fucking taxes on it for that reason alone.