I know where you're going to be turning for food advice next time you need dinner. No, no recipe this time out. Instead, I'll just refer you to this guy, John Mitzewich, who is a culinary school chef-instructor turned YouTube...video person (he's responsible for my revelation that runny-ish yolks aren't necessarily evil).

What I like about his approach is that he doesn't do recipes. Instead, as he explains in one video, he teaches in the way one does in culinary school: by demonstrating technique so that people can follow along, make the dish, see what they like, and adjust to their tastes. I've done several of his dishes, and they all work really well. For example, tonight's dinner featured two of this dishes: chicken tikka masala (which I made last night and enjoyed the leftovers tonight) and flatbread, both delicious:

He's done over a thousand videos, so if you're looking for something new and/or vaguely exciting, chances are you'll find them on his site or YouTube channel.