Does this avatar make my profile look fat?

How many people are even still around who remember dear old Esmerelda? I have to say, it feels mighty fine to slip back into my original name.

I’m changing my name back for a boring reason (we finally have a version of Kinja that doesn’t truncate it) and for a not-boring reason: I am no longer running Clashtalk.

Quantum Suicide, Clashtalk’s founder, has graciously taken over the reins. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had the energy required to look after Clashtalk the way it needs. CLT deserves some TLC, and there’s no one more capable of ensuring it gets some than Quantum. (I’m still a mod, btw, so I will continue to be available to help Clashtalkers who need assistance.)

Now, let’s all tell QS how much we love the hell out of her!