I was reading some bullshit word salad response to a question in my class today, and it made me remember Spam Lit - you know, those bizarre emails with random literary verses all jumbled together, in an attempt to get by people’s spam filters, and with the result of sometimes seeming rather profound while being utterly incomprehensible. It’s been a while since I got a good one of those. I was trying to describe them to someone who didn’t know what I was talking about, and I found a pretty good list here:

The author of the above makes the important point that they’re best when you’re surprised by them in your inbox (I remember several times many years ago when I had to read an email a couple times before figuring out it was this weird form of spam.), so a reproduced list isn’t going to quite do them justice. But some favorites:

If you give it your name it will call you by it when you start up the GPS. These incidences come about quite normally, showing that Peter dislikes his daughter. A huge clue that your ex boyfriend still has feelings for you. —geniadove

Many of us have been in love only to have it taken away. The rest of the participants then go on to vote to try to identify the false statement. They have quite a few free printable baby shower games, one thing they have is a baby shower word search. —megapolis hack

towards the bottom is a not damp riverbed. —New Arrival Louboutin Gold Isolde 160mm For Sale

“I see these changes as changes that are happening outside of me, “The download thing is probably the wave of the future. Rosmene feels the choice she’s facing is unfair,” Imeneo and Tirinto both claim they will die if they cannot have her. you’ve got plenty of responsibility. It was an early rock ‘n’ roll record.For a few minutes the other night the old divide between “real” and “fake” (“rock” and “disco, a lithe and gripping account of one of the essential workouts for any orchestra, The career of the young British conductor. —Air jordan 17

UPDATE: I just got one! Or... sort of. It’s more so a grab bag of dictionary words, but it’s still interesting.

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