A couple weeks ago Gawker pointed out one of #GamerGates most toxic citizens, a "ex-marine and navy seal" named @parkourdude91. Supposedly, he had attempted to race regular GG target Brianna Wu in a street race and wrecked his dad's Prius, and angrily called out Wu as sabotaging him and "attempting murder" upon him.

In the article by Sam Biddle, it made it seem like he was a psycho that was trying to kill Brianna Wu, and while he didn't explicitly state this, this is what Parkourdude91 was trying to project as a goof on the regular #GamerGate types. It was over the top, but still in the believable scope of GamerGate. Even though this guy has whole wiki's devoted to him on why he can't possibly be a troll, he recently came out in a buzzfeed article declaring himself as such. This surprised cavemen who have never heard of the internet before, but seem to comprise most of internet commenters.

If you looked him up, he is into Mountain Dew, smoking pot, video games, obviously fake military service, weapons, John Cena, outlandish threats, and street racing in his dad's fucking Prius. Of course he is fake. Now the dude is facing death threats of his own, and I can't say I'm that sorry for him. This is the shit he sowed, a lot of his fans had no idea he was fucking with them because he was so on the nose. But the good folks like us that hate the types he was lampooning should get better at spotting the goof offs. The dude leaved so many clear markers he was faking. Its also absolutely not cool if he made Brianna Wu feel unsafe, he should have asked her before playing this game. I guess this is just my call to not be internet dumb shits when obvious troll is obvious.