Two days ago, for the first time in my life, I was pulled over, which sucks extra hard when I've just lit a joint about 30 seconds before the cop was at my window.

After asking for my license, he asked "Would you like your first arrest to be for possession of marijuana?", assuring me that since I was shaking ferociously he knew that he would find some in my car. He took my information back to his car and after letting me sweat for about 15 minutes, he let me go with just my speeding ticket.

Shitting myself the rest of the way home, I pass a black guy standing next to 4 police cruisers, while his car was being torn apart - items strewn on the floor all around it, with one cop searching the trunk and another searching the passenger side door area. There were no handcuffs, so they clearly hadn't found anything to that point.

So yeah, when being white saved me from my first arrest, that's what that whole white privilege thing is all about, and you'd be beyond oblivious to miss it.

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