I am, by trade, a lacky to Eh, somewhat wealthy people. They are the grossest humans on the face of the planet. Allow me to elaborate.

Rich people fucking suck. There is however something worse than a rich person that sucks, it is a person that is not rich, but really tries to emulate a rich person.

These people walk amongst us. They are a piece of the fabric of our society. The people that are cronies for the sake of hoping to join their ranks.

I make food for those kind of people. I like to think that the best part about me is I didn’t spit on a guy’s burger because he had a “make America great again” hat on.

Now I wanted to fuck with him kinda, but blah, blah corporate. It’s just my other cheek is kinda raw, and it has become so insane to actually even try to argue a point.

This is the death of the American system of democracy. You had a good run. Now fuck off and let something better form.