And, just as importantly, stop filling my in-box with complaints (seriously, how did you people get my work e-mail?) about the baked egg with tomato sauce recipe I posted some time ago being too complicated and time-consuming. First off, it's not. Second, here's a much easier and quicker path to the same results, from the New York Times: poaching eggs in tomato sauce.

What you'll need:

—A saucepan with a lid

—Half a cup or so of tomato sauce, with any affiliated fixin's you want to throw in (black pepper, some pepper flakes, cayenne, herbs, etc.)

—2 eggs, cracked into teacups, ramekins, or other devices that will aid in delivery

—An unhealthy amount of parmesan, which should be an ingredient in any recipe

What you'll do:

—Put the tomato sauce (and affiliated fixin's) into the saucepan over medium, medium-high heat until it comes to a simmer


—When it simmers, drop the heat to low to maintain it, then drop in the eggs

—Cover and simmer for 3-4 minutes*

—Turn out into a bowl, cover with the aforementioned unhealthy amount of parmesan, break the yolks and mix everything up, and start spooning over toast


*-Because of my issues with runny yolks, I sometimes go a bit too far with the cooking time, leading to something closer to eggs over well in tomato sauce, which isn't as rich and satisfying as the runnier version, but is still pretty good.