If you thought Wendy Davis rocked the shit last night - and if you have a spare moment and a few pennies rattling around in your checking account - I would politely suggest you go to Davis' site and make a donation, even if it's just $5 (ie. what you'd spend on your iced skinny latte with extra pumps of vanilla or whatever at Starbucks).

For those of you who remember the 2004 presidential primary, Howard Dean proved that the most efficient way of raising funds, especially for Democratic politicians, is small donors working en masse, and you know the GOP is going to throw a ton of cash at unseating Ms. Davis from her perch. Reward good behavior, or consider it a tip for excellent service. $5 for someone who just took on one of the most hostile Republican parties in the country. Think about it.


ETA: if you'd like to throw a couple of doubloons to the other players who had Davis' back, you can do so here:

Leticia Van De Putte - http://www.leticiavandeputte.com

Judith Zaffrini - http://judithzaffirini.com

Rodney Ellis - http://www.rodneyellis.com (I can't actually find a donate link on here, so just click your heels together twice and imagine Bitcoins falling into his account like pollen from a dandelion)