Jezebel really needs a real editor, because this crap was too goddamn long. This isn’t The New Yorker or Texas Monthly or anyplace that has thought-provoking longeeads, this read like another jerkoff piece by Rich. It needed to get cut down a lot, and Rich’s self-absorption was gross. He kept saying “I” and “me,” a lot, and I thought “It’s not about you! Shut up and just report the story without getting wrapped up in your POV of it.” I just wanted the facts of the story, without any projection of the writer towards Ortega or the family.

And I agreed with the Groupthink commenters that his sexism was barely veiled, given that he felt he needed to comment on the appearance of every female player in the courtroom, including describing a woman juror as having “the dreamy face of a 16-year-old.” First, gross projection there, you 40-year old creepy white dude. Second, it made me think of a high school English teacher I had who thought he was a poet, but was pretentious as hell. He reminded me of John Malkovich, and I can’t stand him at all (Being John Malkovich is fine by me). He also seemed to find young girls pretty, particularly ones who seemed innocent and unaware of their beauty, and would pay them more attention, and it grossed me out as a teen. I would have a stinkface going, and he called me a brat once when I was annoyed by him. He was just a total creep who was sexist as hell while thinking that he appreciates women, and Rich is that to me, a guy who thinks he’s “woke” while fixating on women to judge them from afar.