Rich seemed really bent out of shape that Clarkson didn’t say the words “gun control” during her speech, and seemed to take a weird offense to it. It is pretty gross to read an entitled white dude’s words on how a woman should speak, especially since Clarkson is a Texan native who is a gun owner, yet was obviously for gun control and is an outspoken feminist, she didn’t need to spell it out for Rich’s thick head to get.

Also, it feels icky whenever he writes about Janet Jackson, acting as if Janet’s career was ended by the Super Bowl thing fourteen years ago, when she’s put out successful albums since and has had several huge international tours. I really dug her last album, and love that one of her main backup dancers is a plus-size woman whose dance choreography videos I’ve been into on YouTube, and Janet did a killer shoutout to Cardi B last year with a dance interlude mixing “Bodak Yellow” and “What Have You Done For Me Lately.” Basically, Janet is not the shafted victim that Rich keeps making her out to be, and her shit is just too special to me for him to try to take fan ownership of. My words may be messy, but I just don’t like it when Rich tries to write about Janet Jackson, he should just step off. The Root had a way better piece about Janet Jackson written by a man anyway.